Illuminating Shadows

A research project and visual-art installation about interacting with projection-mapped objects through shadows.

About The Project

Where the obstruction of light is often an unwanted artefact in projection-based AR installations, we explore shadows as dynamic canvases for supplementary projections. In defining shadow areas with your own body, visual information can be discovered in a playful way. Visual art, educative content presentation, and gameful design converge to bring forth an interactive display that augments exhibition models in museum environments.

Our research project started in late 2013 at Leiden University's Media Technology programme. In search of new forms of HCI displays, we developed a system that combines virtual and physical content in both presentation as well as user interaction. The result of our research has been presented and published at the CHI Sparks 2014 conference.

The Augmented Zebrafish
A Shadow-Based AR Installation

To experiment with shadow interaction, we created a large-scale zebrafish model out of wood, wire, papier mâché and paint. Using data from Leiden University's Imaging and Bioinformatics department led by Fons Verbeek we created an installation that allows people to slice through multiple layers of bioimagery by moving closer to the zebrafish model and using their shadow as slicing window.

The Augmented Zebrafish installation has been presented to a wider audience at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague and at the 16th Laval Virtual (International Conferences and Exhibition of Virtual Technologies) in Laval, France.

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